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Chapter 1: Can't keep this feeling in

Percy's POV:

I awoke to the sound of Annabeth's loud annoying snoring. I had this dry nasty taste in my mouth. I looked down to see my girlfriends sleeping figure. Man did she look cute like that. Her hair covered up most of the pillow and most of her face. I mean it took all my manly strength to pull away from her, but eventually I did. I climbed out slowly trying my best not to awake her up and tip toed my way to the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush, put toothpaste on it and went to brushing my pearly whites. Through my mirror and open door I could see Annabeth climb out of bed and walk slowly to me. She wrapped her amrs around me while I kept my eyes on her through the mirror still. I spit the last of the Colgate and rinsed my mouth.

"Morning Sleeping beauty. How'd you sleep?" I asked turning around to face her. She wiped the sleep still in her eyes away.

"Fine. Since you were with me," She responded looks like the sleep wasn't out completely. A smiled took over my blank expression. I flung her over my shoulder and ran around the empty cabin. Her laughter filled the room as she pounded my back. I couldn't help myself but laugh as well. I made my way to the bedroom and threw her on it. Making her decent safer.

"That's not how you treat every girl Percy?" She asked. I started my devious plan right now. I moved in my lips centimeter away from her ear.

"I did that to every girl," I whispered into her ear sarcastically. She slapped me playfully at my arm. Still giving me the sea weed brain melting smile. I kissed her on the forehead and let her move.

"Well. I gotta change. See you later Percy?" She got up and stretched herself out. I did the same hearing cracks throughout it. I gave her a smirk and nodded rapidly. She stared at me confused but with a smile and shaking her head. I started to put my plan into action even though I'm not the best at that. I checked the clock. 10:34 am. Good just enough time.

Annabeth's POV:

As I passed by campers they all said "Congratulations Annabeth," or "YAY! YOU AND PERCY ARE BACK TOGETHER!". I guess news spreads around pretty quickly in camp. Anyways I made it to my cabin to see angry sibilings giving me death glares.

"Uhh. Hi guys," I said to them awkwardly. They just continued to do what they were doing before. Malcolm was the only one that actually didn't give me a death glare.

"Hi Annabeth," He greeted keeping his eyes glued to the book on dolphins.

"Hey Malcolm. Why's everyone so mad at me?" I asked sitting down beside him on the bunk. He finally gives me the "really" look. He sighed and kept going on.

"Everyone went frantic searching for you. Once they found out that you were sleeping with Percy in his cabin. They pretty much got pissed off at you. You know he's the son of Poseidon and all." I shrugged it off and took a quick shower. Once I wrapped the long blue towel around me I went to my drawer. I opened it to find a note in it.

"Annabeth. Meet me at the sword arena at 12 pm." -Love Percy.

I checked the time. 11:30 am. I quickly dryed my hair and got prepared for whatever Percy has planned. If Percy planned this it's probably gonna end up horribly.

Percy's POV:

Okay good. Everything's perfect. Or well perfect in my opinion. In a adult's opinion they probably said that it looks like a toddler did this. Oh forget their opinion. I tried my best. I made positively sure that nobody else was in here but too late.

"You never did this for me Percy," A random women told me. She gave me a smirk.

"Oh yeah sorry about that Diana," I said giving her an awkward smile. She just passed by me and left the arena. I checked my watch. 11:55 am. Annabeth should be on her way soon. A few minutes Annabeth walked in. If you saw her just then your jaw would've dropped like mine did. Annabeth wore a black skirt  that reached to her knees complimenting her white t-shirt with her usual converses. When she closed up she closed her gaping mouth in surprisement. I closed mine as well and regained myself.

"Wow. You look stunning. Unlike me," I complimented her and pointed out my clothing. My casual camp half blood t shirt and baggy jeans with black ecko unlimited.

"Thanks I borrowed it from the Aphrodite girls. Percy that's so cliche. A picnic in the middle of a sword arena?" She asked pointing to the set. I looked back at the basket and plates with sandwiches and coke cans ontop of a checkerboard red and white cover. I motioned her to sit and did so myself. We enjoyed the lunch like any other day. Talking and laughing like old times. We finished up our food and I decided to speak up again.

"Annabeth again. I'm sooo so so sorry for everything that happened between us. I hope you could forgive me." She smiled and placed a finger on my lips.

"Don't worry. I forgot long about it. Hey you got something on your lips right there." She grabbed a napkin set next to the plate and started wiping something off the side of my lips.

"KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" A roaring scream ordered us. It was mob of campers secretly watching us. Leading them was Diana still smirking at us. I looked back at Annabeth furiously blushing.

"Let's give the audience what they want." She smiled and nodded. We slightly got off our seats. Our lips connected above the middle of the table. The chanting of the word became screaming and cheering. We finally broke apart for air. I stared romanticaly into her amazing grey eyes.

"I love you Annabeth."

"Without hesistating she answered back. "I love you too, Percy."
FINALLY! One that wasn't so short this time. If you figured it out it was right after Who are you? series. Cause you know... THEY'RE THE BEST COUPLE EVA!!!!

Percy Jackson (c)
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